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What is a Truggle? Well for a start it is not a Sussex Trug and I don't claim that it is. A Truggle is a cheaper alternative made from recycled wood. For that reason no two Truggles are identical. Truggles are not as light as a real trug (which comes from an old word for boat) but it will do whatever a trug will do and is decorative too. Email me with requirements. The size can, within limits, be adjusted to suit. They can also be painted, varnished or treated with oil. I also make a selection of other items. Click on the thumbnail pictures below to see larger versions

toy and book box for playgroup toy and book box for playgroup toy and book box for playgroup toy and book box for playgroup nativity Stable for 10cm figures Lectern 60 cm long stor it until next year different sizes different sizes different sizes different sizes Stained Wood Three Candles Three Candles Various Tealight Holders Bird box and robin box Candle holders various

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The people of the Island recently voted for a new flag. The winning design is registered with the Flag Institute as a County flag and can be seen on the Institute's website. We are offering flag stickers (also known as decals) of the new flag made of weatherproof self adhesive vinyl. These 100 mm x 73 mm decals are manufactured on the Isle of Wight and available in quantities from 10 upwards. Flag decals generally sell for between 1.50 and 3.50. Contact us for wholesale prices.

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